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Mcleod Street Water Main Replacement

Virtually every obstacle imaginable was thrown in the path of Frith’s Plumbing and Gasfitting during the project to replace the water main in McLeod Street Bairnsdale.

The original asbestos water main was laid as far back as the 1920’s but with a new roundabout and road re-sheeting slated for construction, East Gippsland Water determined that it was an appropriate time to upgrade the essential water main.

While the overall depth of just on 2m proved no issue, the water main replacement involved keeping all the properties “live” throughout the duration of the project. This included private residences and businesses. Excavating called for careful and precise work with all services being present…. Telstra, high pressure gas and electrical power.

Residential - Ground Water Management

Natural seepage across a semi-rural block can have a significant and negative impact on the property if not correctly managed.

Following a very wet winter, there were signs of excessive water on the block. To ensure that the natural seepage did not affect the house and garden, Frith's excavated and installed a series of agricultural drains.

These were carefully positioned across the block to capture the natural movement of water and then divert it away from the garden and house.

McLeod Street Plumbing Works

What started out as a simple sewer connection, soon developed into a major excavation project for Frith’s Plumbing & Gasfitting.

A residential site with an ageing weatherboard home on McLeod Street, Bairnsdale, was to be redeveloped with a new home.  But first a new sewer connection had to be established into the McLeod Street main.

In this part of Bairnsdale, the sewer main was laid in 1938 and the site plans indicated it was at a depth of 6m.  Hopeful that it might be not so deep, the Frith’s team began their excavation with the compact Kubota U25 2.5 tonne machine for the prep work.  Then Case CX27B 8 tonne machine was on hand to go deeper.