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Surpassing obstacles for public mains.

Virtually every obstacle imaginable was thrown in the path of Frith’s Plumbing and Gasfitting during the project to replace the water main in McLeod Street Bairnsdale. Approximately 550 m of asbestos cement water main was dug and upgraded with a combination 250mm and 350mm black HDFE pipe.

The original asbestos water main was laid as far back as the 1920’s but with a new roundabout and road re-sheeting slated for construction, East Gippsland Water determined that it was an appropriate time to upgrade the essential water main.

While the overall depth of just on 2m proved no issue, the water main replacement involved keeping all the properties “live” throughout the duration of the project. This included private residences and businesses. Excavating called for careful and precise work with all services being present…. Telstra, high pressure gas and electrical power.

Night works, traffic management daily and working in tandem with the road contractor building the roundabouts, made the job all the more challenging. Local boring contractor R & B Trenching and Boring was brought in to bore underground with a total of 120 m of boring completed. Boring was performed under sections of roadway, underneath trees, footpath and the road pavement.

Due to the nature of replacing very old mains, the job contained more than a few surprises, with the Frith’s team called on to supply and install several new valves to isolate the main.

Despite all of the complications, the new water main was laid and operational with absolute minimum disruption to customers and traffic. The McLeod Street water main is another major job which the Frith’s team are justifiably proud of.