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Residential Connection To Sewer Main

What started out as a simple sewer connection, soon developed into a major excavation project for Frith’s Plumbing & Gasfitting.

A residential site with an ageing weatherboard home on McLeod Street, Bairnsdale, was to be redeveloped with a new home.  But first a new sewer connection had to be established into the McLeod Street main.

In this part of Bairnsdale, the sewer main was laid in 1938 and the site plans indicated it was at a depth of 6m.  Hopeful that it might be not so deep, the Frith’s team began their excavation with the compact Kubota U25 2.5 tonne machine for the prep work. 

Then Case CX27B 8 tonne machine was on hand to go deeper.

Finally, to reach the full depth of just over 6m, it was necessary to bring on site Frith’s bigger 13 tonne excavator, the Case CX1235.  To assist, a shelf was cut into the pit at around 2m for the 8 tonne excavator to operate in tandem with the 13 tonne machine.

With the main reached and the new connection tapped in, two rises were installed and then a load of stabilised sand was carefully loaded into the pit.  The hole was then back filled.

What started out as a simple sewer connection, soon escalated into a major excavation site.   In addition to bringing in three excavators from their own fleet, Frith’s also brought on site a skid steer, tipper and shoring equipment.

The benefits of having their own fleet of equipment, as opposed to relying on access to hire equipment are obvious.  Frith’s was able to bring to the job site their own heavy equipment and additional labour, to ensure the speedy completion of this job.